Hotel Graphic Design Company


Idle Hands Are The Devil's Play Thing.


Self-made projects are a vital part of Hotel Graphic Design Co.'s studio practice.


From the hip, 1987-2016

170 line drawings about 170 Tragically Hip songs. A chronology of the Hip's output from 1987-2016.



A chronological examination of every episode of everyone's favourite 1987-1992 Canadian teen melodrama.

ghost towns of sk

120 of Saskatchewan's ghost towns as depicted in various logos, badges and wordmarks.



100 of man's best friend in one poster. From the biggest dog in the fight to the smallest dog in the bed.  

Province of ALberta Hockey

35 years of regular NHL season games between provincial rivals Edmonton and Calgary.



Edmonton's (newest) prodigal son as drawn on the day that he was drafted. The only teenager that can save us.